Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Spain, Day 4

We got downstairs this morning just in time to be picked up for our shuttle to the downtown area.  We met the rest of the group at the headquarters hotel and split into three groups - those going to run, those going to watch from balconies, and those going to watch from the arena.  We were all watching from the balcony, and so we wandered out through the bull run area and up to the office that had been reserved for us.  It seems like most businesses close up and most residents leave town during the festival and everyone just rents out their apartments/offices/balconies.  

We watched the police walk the course, removing everyone who hadn't lined up in the approved gathering area.  After that, the shepherds - responsible for actually moving the bulls - came down from the bullring to the cheers of the crowd.  Note the stick, used to herd bulls or whack runners as necessary.

We watched the runners wait as the police let them move farther up the course.

We watched as the runners lined up along the route.

And finally, we watched as the Bulls came through.  It was over very, very fast.  There was a pile up of runners in front of us where one guy went down and everyone wound up on top of him, but at the end of the run they all got up, dusted themselves off and went to get drinks.

We watched the recap on tv, and then met back at the rendezvous bar to be taken over to the super luxury hotel for breakfast.  It was fine, but not necessarily super luxury.  After that, we came back to the hotel for siesta!

After everyone was better rested, we took the shuttle back into town, walked around, got chocolate and churros (and beer), enjoyed the festival for a bit, and then sat down with Ryan for "runner's camp" where he goes over things to know and think through before you actually get in there.  It was really helpful and now we're all amped up for tomorrow.

When that was done, we meandered around town, got more beer, some dinner, more beer, and eventually watched the fireworks before coming back to the hotel.  Not sure how much sleep anyone's getting tonight, but we'll see.  Tomorrow is going to be a very full day.

MartyandLyle (and Rebecca and Rob)


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  1. Hi all of you, looks like you're having a lot of fun. Hope to meet you all in a couple of weeks 😀😀😀😀