Monday, November 2, 2015

Back in the USA

Well, several of my posts between Rome and Home got eaten by the goblins of the internet, sparing you all from sharing in our miserable experience.

It took us 33 hours door to door, and we had to go to work having just had a shower but no sleep.

Fog over London delayed our departure from Rome, causing us to miss our connection, and then the Heathrow logistical problems wound up with us arriving at JFK (New York City), renting a car, and driving home.

We had a fabulous time right up until it was time to leave, so we're not complaining much, but boy that last day sucked.

Now that we're home we've got to do laundry, and a million other things, so the blog will likely go on hiatus for a while.

We hope you enjoyed our reporting from Italy some small fraction as much as we enjoyed the trip!

Marty and Lyle